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Printing of School Tasks, Worksheets and Workbooks also Binding.

How To save money on school project and workbook printing:

  1. Full Colour Prints are between 30% and 50% more expensive than Black and White printing
  2. Higher volume printing costs much less than low volume printing.
  3. A single large document costs less to print than multiple smaller documents.
  4. It is often possible to reduce size from A4 to A5 and sill be able to read it.
  5. It costs less to Print on a laser printer than on a inkjet printer and the final quality is much better.
  6. JAPS Printing Is offering printing at a reduced price during lockdown. 084 701 9909

Free Printable Weekly Planner

You can download this free weekly planner and other printable time tables from

How to make sure all your images print as expected.

  1. Always use the highest possible resolution when printing.
  2. When downloading images from the internet make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi
  3. When searching for an image on select tools and then size to select Large for the best results.

How to easily transfer large files Using :

The free service allows you to send up to 2GB using